Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ghosts/Spirits/Entities & Tips to Protect Yourself.

Hello again!

So, I've had a very interesting couple of weeks. Lets start at the beginning, shall we?
Since my first post on this blog - and about a couple of weeks before that, come to think of it - I've had a ghost/spirit/entity/something wandering around my little apartment.  At first I thought, well, maybe I was imagining it - isn't that what we all think at first?
But after my also-psychic mother confirmed that she felt/saw it as well - and believe me, she's not the type to lie for my benefit (she can be a little too honest, actually).. I knew it was real. Two people can't hallucinate the same thing, after all.
Tonight it happened again. My mother felt it first, and then I felt it after. It was the spirit again - and immediately I asked her to find a lighter and start lighting some white votive candles. We prayed over them to bless them - seems to make it more potent, whether you believe in it or not.
I lit some Dragons Blood incense, for protection. Cones work the best. It also doubles as something that will make the spirit leave and not attack you in the process (because yes, they can and will sometimes retaliate).
We prayed once more and proceeded to ignore its presence (even though it actually moaned at me - right next to me; scary shit).
But sometimes, when a spirit is attempting to leave and you pay it mind, it will stay. So if you want to get rid of it, and you do the steps above, do not talk about it. Do not shout at it. Do not even think about it. Because if you give it attention, it will stay to get more.
As it is, just typing the entry I feel it prowling around again. But, for you my dear readers, I will risk it. =)
Now, I know it sounds ridiculous. Incense cones and votive candles? Prayer? "What is she, a religious freak?", you're thinking, right?
No. I'm not. I am Christian, but I hate the so-called Christians who shove their religion down peoples throats - I've had it done to me, when I was going through a non-belief part of my life - and I would never do it to someone else.
Besides, when you've looked evil in the face and looked good in its face as well - when you've seen shadow figures from 6 years old onward, had demons visit your stepfather and angels talk to your mother - well, you kind of don't have a choice except to believe. But that's not my point.
Even if you don't believe in God, nor the devil - it doesn't mean that evil doesn't believe in you. If you don't believe, fine. Use what I'm talking about in a purely ritual form; you don't have to believe in it for there to be an effect.
If it comes back, do it again. And again. Eventually it will get the picture and move on.
However, if it begins to get worse, or the steps I've outlined are no longer effective, call in the professionals. Call a Catholic priest to bless and exorcise your home. Hell, call Ghost Hunters if you want to be sure before you go that far.
DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, call in a wiccan/pagan/witch/etc to help you. I have nothing against them, but they do bring in even worse entities when they cast their spells - whether they admit it or even are aware of it, or not. They will only worsen the spirit/ghost/entity problems! 
Again, I have tried Wicca myself and I had shadow figures all over my home and poltergeists yanking my blanket away in my sleep. I shit you not. So DO NOT call them into a haunted house!
That also goes for yourself. I will only say this once: you practice witchcraft, you open the door to evil things. Things you do not ever want to meet.
You mess with a ouija board, the same thing happens except worse. Ten times worse. If you have one in your home and you're experiencing a haunting, throw it in the garbage. Do not burn it, that makes it worse. Throw it away and don't look back.
Now that my little 'rant' is over..
My spirit problem is not all gone yet. I've gone through this many-a-time, and as long as I keep up the steps outlined above, they eventually go away and don't bother me again.
In case you all didn't read my long-winded entry, here's a short list version of the tips I outlined:

  • First, light Dragons Blood incense. It will protect you and banish the spirits simulataneously. Incense cones are the best, but sticks work as well.
  • Second, get white votive candles. Pray the Lords Prayer over them to bless the candles. Light them in every area of your home - and light more than one in the area where the spirit activity is heaviest.
  • It helps if you have 'matching themes' for your candle holders and incense burners. but its not necessary. I.E., I have a three-headed dragon incense burner to burn Dragons Blood incense in. I have it because when I think of dragons, I think of fierceness and protection. I have a cross candle holder because it emphasizes the blessings power for the votive candles. Get the picture?
  • Third, ignore the spirit when you complete the above steps. If you pay it any attention, it will stay and/or come back for more. If you leave it be and pay it no heed, it will leave.
  • Religious belief is nice to have, but not necessary. As I said above, even if you don't believe in evil, it believes in you. The same goes for good. The Lords Prayer is necessary, but if you don't believe, no worries - just use it as a purely ritual matter. No skin off your bones. ;)
  • If the haunting/whatever worsens, call in the cavalry. If you want, call in Ghost Hunters to prove it so you don't look crazy. As long as afterward, you call a Catholic priest to bless and cleanse your home.
  • Under NO circumstances do you call in a Wiccan, Pagan, and/or witch! I have no qualms against them or their religion, but I promise you, if you let them in your home to cast a spell and cleanse your home that way - it will worsen your problems! DON'T DO IT. 
  • To prevent hauntings and/or spirits/ghosts/entities/etc entering your home, do not use ouija (pronounced: wee-gee) boards under any circumstances. You may think it's just a board game or whatever, but I assure you - it is not. It is a gateway and will open the doors for demons and things much worse to enter your home. It's not "fucking metal", it's scary and may kill you.
  • The same goes for any witchcraft paraphernalia - cauldrons, stone mixing bowls, athames (witches daggers), wands (yes, they actually do exist), and especially spellbooks and/or books about wicca/paganism/witchcraft. ANYTHING associated with witchcraft carries the same energy a witch would - boil it down, it's the same as letting one in your home! Don't do it. You'll sorely regret it. If you have anything like what I listed, or even anything similar - do the same as you would for a ouija board. Don't burn it, just throw it in the trash can and don't look back.
  • To prevent hauntings in the 'long-run', when you first move into a new home (or even if you've lived there a while) - put a loaf of French bread (still wrapped), a box of Kosher salt (unopened), a white candle (preferably a prayer candle - you know, the type you see with the Virgin Mary, etc on it? works the best - unlit, too, in case you're wondering), and a glass bottle of red wine (unopened) at the highest point of your house. The top of the refrigerator works the best. Sounds crazy, I know, but it works. Just try it if you don't believe me. Also - if the French bread goes bad, replace it. 
  •  Again, to prevent hauntings, I suggest you do not practice Wicca/Paganism/Witchcraft yourself. Don't do it, especially if you're unexperienced and don't know what the hell you're getting into - even I, an experienced psychic, tried it once with disastrous results. You will get hurt and you may die. The same goes for your family and friends. I'm not kidding, people. This is serious shit.
  • And finally, if you want to call in a psychic for help, that's fine. But if they mention anything at all about spirit guides or letting spirits possess them, or anything similar, run for the hills! They are not to be trusted. Even if they're not aware of it, they may hurt you in the long run.
And that's it. Gabrielle's tips to prevent and rid yourself of ghosts. =] Enjoy! >)

Friday, July 20, 2012

First post.

So, this is my first post, as the title says. Here I will be making a list of things that will be posted in the future.
But - first of all - let me introduce myself. My name is Gabrielle.
I may be young, but I have a lot of experience in this field. Sure, maybe not "officially" or "on record", but I've grown up in a family of psychics, tarot readers and astrologers; my Christmases used to be attended by psychic investigators and homeopathic doctors.
My mother worked with Dorothy Allison. Not that I'm bragging, but if I'm going to put important info on here, I want it to be believed.
I've seen shadow figures since I was in the crib (yes, seriously). I've communicated with ghosts of family members that have passed on.
I've read the tarot from 13 years old until the present day. I've known things about people that they don't know about themselves.

But I digress.
Here are some of the posts you'll see here:

  • An informative post about indigos and starchildren - why not everything you read about them is truth.
  • A constantly updated post outlining spiritual literature that I recommend, and occasionally reviews of the same.
  • Information about Ascension/Awakenings - and how to tell if you're having one.
  • How-to's on how to protect yourself from unwanted spirits/ghosts - if of course, you can't call in the professionals.
  • Information on psychic attacks and how to defend yourself; also information for helpful literature about the same.
  • How to tell if the psychic(s) you wish to hire are frauds/will cause more harm than good. While not every psychic is a fraud, there are quite a few that are.
  • Preventative information about how to keep ghosts/unwanted spirits out of your home.
  • And much more.
So stay tuned! :] Second post will be coming very soon.